Your son has cancer!

August 15, 2015

“You’re son has been diagnosed with cancer.” Says the nurse to the three year old’s mother.


These words can be devastating to any family that is going through the cancer journey, let alone anyone.


My name is Ayman Barbaresco and this is my story:

I was three years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was diagnosed in 1992 and had less than 20% chance of survival. My brain tumour was inoperable so at the time my surgeon (who is now a professor) Stuart Kellie.


A young healthy boy that was always smiling was diagnosed with something that almost took my life. I was fed extreme doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. More than any kids should be given but that saved me. I am now 20 years in remission


Now while I agree that been so young I do not remember a lot of what happened but there are still things that I remember and I bet you would agree that these memories do last forever. Having something like cancer, shapes you and forms you for the rest of your life.


Growing up in Northern NSW, I travelled to Sydney for my hospital visits and medical tests.


When it comes to my hospital visits, I would be considered as a dinosaur. Growing up in Northern NSW, I travelled to Sydney for my hospital visits and medical tests. My hospital was Camperdown Children’s Hospital which is now Westmead Children’s Hospital.


Many kids out there are having fun and are able to run around and having fun. For me, this wasn’t an option. I wasn’t one of those kids that could kick the footy or play cricket. You could say that having cancer ruined my childhood but I say that it has given me an awesome outlook to life.

To take the positive spin out of being diagnosed with something like cancer is what I am doing. I love life and can’t be happier.


Yes, whilst having cancer as a kid there are a lot of tests and follow=ups that you have to go through in your adult life but this is just a part of what you have to do. The tests, scans, and medical appointments that I do has just come a part of me.


Many people take life for granted and many people plan for your bigger goals and your bigger things. They put things off and don’t do it straight away because they think that they will be here forever and have a lot of time to do the things that they want! I am not saying that you should not have big goals because this is something that you need to keep you going. What I want to say is that you should not put off your things for tomorrow that you can do today.


Spend as much time you can with the ones you love, do what you want to do, have an amazing time and be yourself because everyone else is taken!


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