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During every presentation, there are always common questions that people ask. Here is some of the most common questions and responses to those questions.  If you want to have a further chat or learn more, email Ayman at info@aymanbarbaresco.com.au

What would you say are the moments that have defined you?

For me, I would say CANCER! Having cancer at any age could be seen as a life-changer or defining moment but I think it becomes ten-fold when someone has had it at the age that I had. I say this because I was only three year old when I was diagnosed and I think that at such a young age having something as big as CANCER you learn to grow and adapt with what you know.

Why are you choosing to help others?

I am at a stage in my life where I am really happy where I am, I am working and have a great group of friends. The ability to help others comes from having such a solid base and strong network however, giving back allows me to say a massive thank you to those that had helped me. It is my way of showing how thankful that I am that those services are available and I couldn’t imagine how life would be without them.


How important is volunteering to help you get back on your feet?

Volunteering is vital. It allows you to have a connection and a purpose. Having a purpose and reason to get up in the morning and to do something. It also takes your mind off things and focus on something different rather than the treatment that you are going through. 


What's your favourite experience to date?

I have so many. I think my best one would of been with Camp Quality back in 1996. They flew us from Coffs Harbour Regional Airport to Albury/Wodonga in a Hercules plane. The sound was out of this world. The seats were made of vinyl and went up and down the plane rather than across. We got to see the cockpit and they opened the back of the plane and seeing the land from above was just totally cool.


What can others learn from your inspirational story?

Life is short. Do what you want and shoot for your dreams because you never know where the road will take you. Make sure that you share your dreams with the ones you hold close to you because they are there to support you. 


What advice would you give someone in a similar situation?

Everyone’s journey is different. We may go through the same stuff but we all experience it differently. I would say that you need to jut breathe and take your time. Know that there are people out there that want to help you. Know that you are not weak because you are asking for support. It shows that you are actually a strong person because you are acknowledging that you need that hand. 

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